Penne alla Carbonara alla Giada De Laurentiis

Penne alla Carbonara alla Giada De Laure

I’ve always used bacon for carbonara, but for the kick-off of this quest, I decided to go all out and try the pancetta. I got it at the deli counter of a local grocery store (which is what, I believe, the Americans refer to as a supermarket). Lesson #1: Don’t say, “Whatever,” when they aske you how you want it sliced, or you’ll take the chance of winding up with something like this: It’s kind of hard to chop that into the one-inch cubes De Laurentiis calls for in her ingredient list. Well, mistakes at the deli counter or the cutting...
Recipe Review–Trish Magwood’s Molten Chocolate Cakes

Recipe Review–Trish Magwood’

Mmm chocolate. It’s without a doubt my favourite flavour. So it is certainly no trial to be testing out molten chocolate cake recipes. I started with Trish Magwood’s recipe from Dish Entertains. You can find the ingredient list here. There are a lot of variations of molten cake recipes. Some use flour, some do not, and some use cocoa powder to work both as flavour and a stand-in for flour. They all use eggs, whether whole, just the whites or more yolks than whites. Magwood’s recipe uses a couple tablespoons of flour, and more yolks than whites. Where...
Recipe Review:  Ultramar’s Cod au Gratin

Recipe Review: Ultramar’s Cod au

So here we go! My first recipe review. . . The first version of Cod au Gratin I’m trying is the one from the Ultramar series called Traditional Recipes of Atlantic Canada. As I mentioned in the introduction to this recipe quest, Cod au Gratin is a baked cod and cheddar dish. This recipe has been shared online on a number of sites without proper credit. You can find it here or here. This is the recipe my mother uses, and I believe it’s a pretty widely used one (hence it’s availability on the internet–there’s a good chance that some of...

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