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About Stirring the Pot

Stirring the Pot is about my love of food and good home cooking.

In addition to general posts about lovely edible things, and the occasional bottle of good wine, every month I will choose one dish then test three different recipes for it. At the end of the month, I will let you know which version I like best. I invite you to stir something up with me–try some of the recipes and share your results. And just maybe, as we play with different recipes along the way, we’ll develop some fabulous recipes of our own!

About Me

My name is Leah White and I’m a home cook. Having taken all of fourteen hours of cooking classes, I’m no chef. But my love of all things delicious propels me to learn what I can to improve my culinary skills.

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If I could be a chef, I’d be a pastry chef, and I admit I still check for the desserts first when I’m looking at a menu. Don’t get me wrong, though; I do love a good main course.

My test kitchen is none too formal, opening onto our family room as it does. Like most kitchens, it’s at the heart of our home, and as with most cooks, my family–my husband and four children–are my taste-testers.

Welcome to my cooking quest!

A Note on Recipe Copyright

Copyright law says that while ingredient lists are not subject to copyright, the instructions of a recipe, any special notes, and photos are. For that reason, and out of respect to those chefs who make a living writing cookbooks, I will not reprint whole recipes here without permission. Because I want readers to be able to participate in the recipe testing as much as possible, I will always include at least one online recipe link per dish. For more information about recipe copyright, please see what the U.S. Copyright Office has to say, or read this article by David Lebovitz about recipe attribution.