Recipe Review–Trish Magwood’s Molten Chocolate Cakes

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Mmm chocolate. It’s without a doubt my favourite flavour. So it is certainly no trial to be testing out molten chocolate cake recipes. I started with Trish Magwood’s recipe from Dish Entertains. You can find the ingredient list here.

There are a lot of variations of molten cake recipes. Some use flour, some do not, and some use cocoa powder to work both as flavour and a stand-in for flour. They all use eggs, whether whole, just the whites or more yolks than whites. Magwood’s recipe uses a couple tablespoons of flour, and more yolks than whites. Where most recipes I have seen call for the ramekins to be buttered and dusted with sugar, this recipe calls for dusting with flour. I was most curious to see how intense the chocolate flavour would be. There are six ounces of chocolate (or one ounce per serving) as opposed to eight in many other recipes and even ten in David Lebovitz’s.

trishmoltenbaked Recipe Review  Trish Magwoods Molten Chocolate Cakes

The cakes were very easy to make, which is a plus. When I turned them onto the plates, I thought the exteriors looked sort of flakey. It was from the flouring of the ramekins. Not crazy about that–I would stick with the sugaring which adds a nice little crystallized crunch.

trishmolten Recipe Review  Trish Magwoods Molten Chocolate Cakes

The centres were nice and saucy, so the cake to sauce ratio was great. My kids liked the taste, probably because it was closer to a milky chocolate flavour. I would prefer something more intensely chocolatey and rich in flavour. To be fair to Magwood, she includes a recipe for a caramel sauce to serve with the cakes, and that would likely make up for what’s lacking in the chocolate department.

If I wanted to feature a caramel and chocolate pairing, I might make this again (with sugared ramekins). But as long as I’m on the hunt for the perfect blend of chocolate intensity and saucy texture, I’m afraid the quest is still on. Okay, so maybe afraid is not the word. After all, the continued quest means more mmm… chocolate.

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