Recipe Review: Ultramar’s Cod au Gratin

ultracodbaked Recipe Review:  Ultramars Cod au Gratin

So here we go! My first recipe review. . .

The first version of Cod au Gratin I’m trying is the one from the Ultramar series called Traditional Recipes of Atlantic Canada. As I mentioned in the introduction to this recipe quest, Cod au Gratin is a baked cod and cheddar dish. This recipe has been shared online on a number of sites without proper credit. You can find it here or here. This is the recipe my mother uses, and I believe it’s a pretty widely used one (hence it’s availability on the internet–there’s a good chance that some of the people who have shared it don’t know its original source).

The version I usually make doesn’t include onions or a crumb topping. This one does. The onions add a nice flavour. Whether you include or omit them or the cracker crumbs is really a matter of taste; the recipe will work out fine either way. It’s like a baked macaroni and cheese, in that way. I prefer mine without onions or a crisp or crumby topping, but there are those who like the crunch with their melted cheese.

ultracodcheese Recipe Review:  Ultramars Cod au Gratin

The one real criticism I can offer of this recipe is that it isn’t cheesy enough. It calls for a half cup of cheddar. I would use 3/4 to 1 cup. As the cheese goes atop the béchamel, the amount won’t affect the recipe’s outcome, other than to increase the cheese flavour. My husband and son felt much the same way as I did. They liked it, but felt it could be more cheesy. My daughters refused to eat it. The only fish they will eat is the kind that comes with chips on the side. Sigh.

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