The Crispiest Crisp of Them All

olsoncrisp The Crispiest Crisp of Them All

Sugar, by Anna Olson, is one of my favourite cookbooks. I love me my desserts. Although I have tried many of the book’s recipes, I had never tried the one for fruit crisp. Olson’s is a blueberry/pear crisp, but she says the topping works with any fruit. Taking her at her word, I tried it with apples.

olsonrawcrisp The Crispiest Crisp of Them All

The unusual thing about this recipe (for which the ingredients are listed here) is that the crisp includes pecans and cornflake crumbs. Pecans just happen to be my favourite nut, so no sales pitch needed. The cornflakes are a harder sell. But as Olson promises, it comes out good and crisp and you can’t taste the cereal.

The butter and sugar coat the pecans in caramelized yumminess, while the cinnamon and allspice marry with the apple flavour, creating a taste of home.

olsoncrispbaked The Crispiest Crisp of Them All

Yet somehow, despite the blend of so many of my favourite flavours, this is not my ideal crisp. The caramelized pecan flavour takes over. It’s called “Oat Blueberry Crisp”, but the oats are completely masked by the nuts. The crisp part is worth using again–it just needs another partner. I’m thinking it would have a more loving relationship with a caramel cake. Ah, sweet matchmaking under the kitchen potlights. In the meantime, the quest for the best crisp continues!

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